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Sedation Dentistry Can Ease Anxiety and Provide Comfort during Treatment

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Unfortunately, there are people out there who had a traumatic experience with a dentist in their life, and because of it, they avoid the dentist at all costs, and will only go if they are having a dental emergency.  This leads to greater costs and procedures than is necessary.  Avoiding the dentist can also be dangerous to your health, as oral health care problems can contribute and cause other health problems. To ease concerns about anxiety, and to make a visit to our office as comfortable as possible for our patients, we offer sedation dentistry options.

Sedation Dentistry Candidate

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Some patients may be an ideal candidate for oral conscious sedation if they are afraid of having dental work done and if they are also worried about undergoing heavy sedation.   You may also be a candidate if you have avoided the dentist for a long time and are now in pain or if you are afraid of what dental procedures may now be necessary for you.

During oral conscious sedation, Dr. Goduco relaxes his patients so that he can give them the dental care they require, while allowing them to be comfortable and to feel safe.  The sedation puts you into a “twilight” state that is not as heavy or deep as general anesthesia.  This helps to relax the patient and can even put you to sleep in your relaxed state.

If Dr. Goduco decided that you are a good candidate for sedation, you will need to have a family member or friend take you to and from the appointment and stay with you for a few hours after.

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