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Dental Implants: Libertyville, IL


" Shortly after my first visit with Dr. Goduco, he outlined a treatment plan to take care of my ground down front teeth, both top and bottom, and also to install five implants to take care of the spaces that existed in my mouth due to various extractions over the years. He also fitted me for a mouthpiece to use when sleeping in order to reduce my teeth grinding problem in the future. The treatment plan took place over the course of several years as the implants required a sinus lift on one side that required a healing period and then implant post installation which also required a healing period before the final step of the process. I saw a lot of Dr. Goduco over that period and his positive patient attitude and that of his staff helped me through the process. I am exceedingly happy with the final results of all that work. I am now able to perform two of my favorite activities - smiling and chewing, thanks to Goduco Family Dentistry." If you are in the Libertyville or Chicagoland area stop in at our Vernon Hills office for a complimentary implant consultation. Thank you, Gary, for sharing your photos and stellar results.

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