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Dental Implants: Mundelein, Il


Ervin was in a lot of pain when he first came to us from Mundelein, IL. He apparently cracked an upper left back tooth where the nerve was exposed each time he eats or bites down. The offending tooth was extracted the same day atraumatically and bone grafting material was placed into the extracted site to help preserve, as well as maintain, ridge height for implant placement at a later timeframe. Healing went well and he had an implant and crown placed within 1 year from the extraction of the offending tooth. To this day, Ervin is pain-free and now enjoys eating and biting down into food that he loves to eat. We invite you to call our Vernon Hills dental office for a complimentary dental implant consultation. Thank you, Ervin, for sharing your photos, x-rays, and great results.

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