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Align Your Smile With Invisalign®


Dr. Philip V. Goduco offers Invisalign® to comfortably and discreetly align your smile. Through a series of clear, plastic, and BPA-free aligning trays, your teeth with gradually shift into their proper positions. The best part is that you can continue eating your favorite foods because they are removable.

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Invisalign is a great technology to straighten teeth. Instead of using the traditional braces, you actually place these clear plastic that fit over the top and bottom teeth, where you actually wear it for a couple of weeks. Where each aligner would do its movement, every time you change every two weeks. You have to wear it almost like 24-7, except when you brush, you floss, and when you eat. After so many weeks of wearing this, you'll end up with beautiful looking, straight, white teeth. It's such a rewarding thing and what I do, which is a plus, I whiten their teeth while I straighten their teeth. So my patients finish with really straight and white teeth. Once you really straighten the teeth and whiten the teeth, the gums becomes very, very healthy when you're all done.

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