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Dr. Philip V. Goduco explains what new patients can expect in dental care when they come to Goduco Smiles. They will be treated with respect, kindness, and gentle dental care. All details of their treatments and procedures will be carefully outlined so they know exactly what to expect.

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New patient experience is the hallmark of our office. It's such a friendly office and I made sure that my team has a motto of being friendly and very accommodating. When a new patient comes into our office, it's tailored to their comfort level and we give them a tour of the practice, we go through a thorough analysis of their medical history, their dental history. Really address what they really want, their chief complaint. Once that's done that's when you try to gain, more or less, the trust factor that a patient would have. It starts with the front, when we receive the phone call from a new patient, getting them to the practice, making sure they don't get lost. One of my team members, she makes sure that new patients arrives here safely and sound and not frazzled. Then has that great experience the moment they step into our practice, all the way down to setting up appointments. Everything's all laid out when it comes to the treatment planning, all the financial options that they have to make decisions on, all the way down to completing the treatment. It's just a great thing to offer to patients who are really afraid of coming to see their dentist. My team and I, we make sure that the patients who come in, really just very calm and very relaxed and there is no need to worry about what we need to do to provide a beautiful and healthy smile.

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