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Our Approach to Dental Implants


Dr. Philip Goduco is experienced in many different types of oral surgery. He can place dental implants, extract wisdom teeth, and even provide same-day implant-supported dentures. He uses sedation so that all patients can relax during oral surgery.

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Oral surgery pertains, in part, of dentistry where badly diseased teeth were so badly broken down, or wisdom teeth that has no room to erupt into the mouth itself. So what we ended up doing is actually extracting these teeth, removing the teeth. I do that because there's such a high anxiety where I have to put them to sleep, so I use this technique in oral sedation. It has all to do with just taking meds that would really just calm you down, and when they do come in for the procedure itself, we give them a couple of medications and that would put them out. It's a twilight type of sedation, so I go on and remove or extract teeth that I need to do, especially when it comes to wisdom teeth. It takes maybe a good, solid hour to remove all four, or a bunch of teeth that's really badly broken down, we end up pulling them. Sometimes, we give them the dentures right away because patients don't want to walk around with no teeth, so we do all that in one sitting. It's just a rewarding procedure that we've done, actually, for 30 plus years.

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