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Advanced Periodontal Therapy


Dr. Philip V. Goduco offers a new and exciting periodontal therapy called the Pinhole Surgical Technique. Instead of painful soft tissue grafting, the Pinhole Surgical Technique creates small holes in the gums and gently pulls tissue downward, covering exposed tooth roots. This procedure involves minimal bleeding and pain, and offers desired results much sooner than traditional techniques.

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Periodontics, this pertains to a subject where it deals with people's gums, and I have patients that come in, have different variations of gum disease. We treat that with simply just a kind of very thorough cleaning, using lasers and all antibiotic therapy, and stuff like that. We end up actually restoring the gums to where health is supposed to be, the infections all gone. The one topic that I really need to get across in periodontics is gum recession, where the gum recedes, and you end up with the roots as exposed. It renders the tooth very sensitive, or a bunch of teeth that's very sensitive. Periodontists typically, or dentists, would restore this by doing a grafting procedure where you take a soft tissue from the roof of the mouth, and transferring that to the affected area. That would cover the exposed roots. With that itself, it's quite a painful procedure, and it takes a while for that to heal. So I was invited to a seminar, a workshop, where I was taught to do a different way of actually curing receded gums. It's called a Pinhole Surgical Technique, where you actually just create a tiny, little hole in the gums, and you drape down the whole gum tissue, and it covers the affected areas, the receded areas within less than a half hour to 45 minutes. There's no cutting, no suturing, and there's no pain involved in it. They hardly take any pain medication. I've been doing that type of procedure for well over, at least, five years, and it's been a very rewarding experience that I get feedback from my patients regarding that. So they avoid all the pain and the suffering, so to speak, when it comes to grafting and getting the gum tissue to be rejuvenated up to where it's supposed to be.

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