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Our Restorative Dentist Restores Form and Function


Restorative dentistry treatments are ideal for patients with decayed, broken, or even missing teeth. Dr. Philip V. Goduco focuses on restoring function, aesthetics, and your ability to enunciate so you can chew, smile, and speak with confidence. Treatments include dental implants, crowns, bridges, and dentures.

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When I restore a tooth, in essence, we try to restore it with three ways of looking at restorative, is to restore a function, to restore aesthetics, and phonetics, when they speak. When I place a bridge, for example, in addition to a crown or a single crown, what happens is there's been a missing tooth there or a bunch of teeth for a long time. What you do is prep these teeth, so you could be able to restore those three functionalities. When we do prep the teeth themselves, we temporize them. We send them to the lab. After coming back from the lab, we place the bridges or just the bridge itself. After just that two visits, the patients are really happy the fact that they could be able to eat and function and speak with confidence.

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