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Sleep Apnea Treatment


Millions of individuals have sleep apnea. Fortunately, Dr. Philip V. Goduco provides effective sleep apnea treatment through oral appliances that gently pull the jaw forward, creating more space for air to travel to and from the lungs. This results in improved sleep, breathing, mood, and energy levels.

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Snoring and sleep apnea is a life-threatening disease, where the tongue is the main culprit. The tongue falls back, and you end up stopped breathing, whether from 5 times per hour, all the way to 150 times per hour, and it affects the brain and the heart. You run a risk of at least 13 to 15 times having a stroke or a heart attack, or falling asleep behind a wheel. So when that first came out, CPAP was a mask that they used. The problem with the CPAP, some folks don't want to wear it. I guess it's not too sexy when you have this mask. Some folks, they think they're Darth Vader when they're talking with this, or sleeping with it. So bottom line, the second alternative would be the oral appliance, and that's when I come into the picture, where they wear almost like a retainer. It fits over your top and bottom teeth, and it moves your jaw forward. When you do that, you end up with, actually, the tongue being pulled mechanically by this oral device. So you end up with breathing much better, and the snoring stops. I get referrals from physicians, sleep physicians, that actually think that the patient would benefit more using the oral appliance rather than the CPAP.

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