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Dental Technology


Dr. Philip V. Goduco uses the latest dental technology to create a smile makeover. It helps him precisely place dental implants and to allow patients a digital preview of their smile makeover before they proceed with treatment. He also uses nickel titanium tools for root canal therapy because it is flexible and produces better results.

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When it comes to dental technology, what it does to me especially for the patients, its beneficial for them to be able to visualize when we use the intraoral cameras, what we're talking about when it comes to the approach of treating that certain disease. For example, cavities and gum disease. What I like the most is having to deliver the amount of treatment that I have to do in a very efficient way and less discomforting way. When I use my WaterLase instead of the traditional cutting of the gums, we use this laser and the delivery of that is so efficient where the cutting has minimum bleeding, when it comes to gum type of surgery and the healing time is shortened so they have less discomfort when it comes to coming back, doing the check up and the disease is totally gone after using a laser. The most advanced technology we have right now when I do root canal therapy is instead of using the traditional file that we used to clean out the canal system, we use nickel titanium which is a very flexible type of instrumentation and in addition to that it's not a hand file. We use rotary, motorized rotary. We go in there and really clean it out so efficiently. It cuts down the amount of time when you do a root canal from an hour to just even a half hour and 15 minutes. That increases the efficiency and not only that, the discomfort after what patients go through, is a lot less.

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