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Family Dentistry Review


In this family dentistry testimonial, Kim explains that she was struggling with headaches and migraines and didn't know where to turn. Dr. Philip V. Goduco's vast knowledge and experience allowed him to quickly conclude that Kim had TMJ disorder, and fitted her for a custom mouth guard that greatly reduced symptoms. He also fitted Kim's son with an expander so that his adult teeth could emerge properly.

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He actually helped, I consider it, saving my life, because I was getting to the point where I had these really bad severe migraines, and I was starting to get on a whole bunch of medication. He took the time to realize I had TMJ. He started with just a simple mouth guard for me, which alleviated me of my headaches, and I was able to get off the medications that the doctors were putting me on. So he just started from there, and then was able to align my jaw the right way. Based on that gave me my braces and then the retainer. I've been able to get back to work and do what I needed to do. So when I first originally started coming to him, it was just the normal stuff with my kids. He actually helped my son a lot too, who had teeth like mine where they were just all separated, and he was having a hard time getting his adult teeth in. Instead of starting to yank out teeth, so the adult teeth could come in, he put an expander in. I mean, he really takes the time to just know who you are, and he understands how things are connected within your body. So that's why I stay when I come here.

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