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Orthodontics Can Help You Achieve a Healthier, More Attractive Smile

Dr. Philip Goduco offers traditional metal braces at our Vernon Hills, IL, practice to straighten teeth and give patients a proper bite for a healthier and more attractive smile. Even with the introduction of clear aligner trays, such as Invisalign®, into the dental industry, traditional metal braces are still the most common orthodontic treatment for patients desiring to improve the aesthetics of their smile. Dr. Goduco has been a Certified Dentist in Orthodontics for over 20 years and is well qualified to help you or your child achieve an optimal smile with traditional metal braces.

Close-up of a smile with metal braces

In addition to being a highly effective treatment for a variety of orthodontic issues, today's metal braces look better and are more comfortable than those used in the past.

How Traditional Metal Braces Work

Made from titanium or high-quality stainless steel, traditional braces are generally the most common and cost-effective solution to achieving a straighter smile. This type of orthodontics uses brackets, arch wires, and ligature elastics to apply gradual pressure to your teeth for extensive dental realignment. Each bracket is held to the front of the tooth with a special adhesive to create a strong, durable bond. Once the brackets are in place, Dr. Goduco will connect the brackets with flexible arch wires and hold them in place with ligature elastics.

Compared to Invisalign and other aligner tray systems, traditional metal braces can treat a wider variety of orthodontic concerns, making it a better option for patients with multiple issues to address.

Over time, Dr. Goduco will tighten the arch wires in order to guide teeth into proper position. Depending on the level of dental misalignment, 18 to 36 months is the average length of time metal braces are worn. In many cases, Dr. Goduco combines traditional braces with Invisalign to provide a more thorough treatment. With proper maintenance, results can last for a lifetime.

Candidates for Metal Braces

During your initial consultation, Dr. Goduco and the team at Goduco Smiles will evaluate your teeth and bite and create a customized treatment plan to meet your unique needs. As an added benefit, Dr. Goduco can combine your orthodontic treatment with teeth whitening to enhance your smile even further.

Compared to Invisalign and other aligner tray systems, traditional metal braces can treat a wider variety of orthodontic concerns, making them a better option for patients with multiple issues to address. Metal braces generally work best for young children or adolescents between the ages of 8 to 18, when the teeth and jaw are more easily modified and bite issues are most common. However, adult patients can benefit from this type of orthodontic treatment as well. Good candidates for metal braces include patients with:

  • Crowded or crooked teeth
  • Gapped or wide-spaced teeth 

  • Misaligned teeth 

  • A crossbite, underbite, or overbite
  • Good oral health 

Benefits of Traditional Metal Braces

One of the primary benefits of properly aligned teeth includes better oral health, since straighter teeth are easier to keep clean with routine brushing and flossing. Having a beautifully aligned smile can also:

  • Improve the appearance of your smile 

  • Improve comfort and dental function 

  • Help you smile more confidently
  • Prevent unnecessary dental wear 

Achieve a Healthy and Beautiful Smile

Traditional metal braces are a trusted solution for a wide variety of orthodontic conditions. Contact our practice today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Goduco, a qualified orthodontic specialist.

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