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Reliable and Accurate Cavity Detection Possible with DIAGNOdent

Diagnodent Can Improve Your Smile

Diagnodent Laser Cavity Detection is a new technique in the United States which is used for the purpose to measure fluorescence within your teeth structure. The healthier your teeth are, the less fluorescence will be present in your teeth. With the assistance of our diagnostic technology, we will measure how much florescence are in your teeth and it will be monitored on a scale. Photo of DIAGNOdent cavity treatmentThe higher you are on the monitor scale, the unhealthier your teeth are because that means you have a lot of laser fluorescence present in your teeth.

Accurate and Reliable Cavity Detection

Diagnodent system

This cavity detection approach is absolutely painless and non-invasive. This is an important technique because it detects tooth decay that is not yet visible and would end up being undiagnosed by conventional methods alone. The top leaders in dental research would say that the traditional methods for detecting tooth decay are outdated and need to be changed as patients’ dental and hygiene standards have changed.

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