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Achieve Optimal Health and an Enhanced Smile with Proper Periodontal Care

Goduco Family Dentistry offers restorative periodontal care for our patients. Your smile can be restored with a variety of different procedures that have been designed to restore your gums’ health and enhance their look. Many times, gum disease is the cause of periodontal problems and if your gum disease is not treated, deep pockets can then form around your teeth in which bacteria will grow. This can cause the bone structure and tissue to breakdown.


Dr. Philip V. Goduco offers a new and exciting periodontal therapy called the Pinhole Surgical Technique. Instead of painful soft tissue grafting, the Pinhole Surgical Technique creates small holes in the gums and gently pulls tissue downward, covering exposed tooth roots. This procedure involves minimal bleeding and pain, and offers desired results much sooner than traditional techniques.

A Full Range of Options

Periodontitis is gum disease and in order to treat it, you may need periodontal surgery. This may be necessary for patients who need a regenerative procedure in order to restore any bone or tissue that was ruined by gum disease. Dr. Goduco is very experienced with these procedures and helps his patients to be as comfortable as possible during the procedure. We offer all types of sedation, which can help our patients who need periodontal surgery.

If you require a regenerative procedure for your periodontal surgery, Dr. Goduco will need to fold back the gum tissue, get rid of any bacteria and then perform whatever regeneration is necessary. He may use a bone graft, membrane or tissue-stimulating protein in order to promote your bone and tissue’s natural regeneration.
Another type of periodontal surgery that is offered is crown lengthening. This helps patients who have too much gum tissue covering their teeth with decay that has gone into the bone. For this procedure, excess gum tissue is taken out and then the bone tissue is reshaped. The results will be an improved and healthy looking smile.

Another periodontal procedure that we perform is a gum graft. This procedure will cover any exposed tooth roots. When you suffer from an exposed root, your tooth will look very long and you may experience sensitivity to the temperature from food and drinks. During a gum graft, donor tissue will be taken from your palate and will cover your tooth roots and make your gum line even. The results will be a more natural looking smile.
Contact Goduco Family Dentistry to find out more about our different periodontal surgeries and schedule your appointment to repair your diseased gums and restore your smile.


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