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Root Canal Treatment

If you suffer from a dental infection, root canal therapy is typically the most appropriate treatment to preserve your natural tooth. The procedure can also relieve symptoms, making it easier and more comfortable to chew, bite, and speak. During your procedure, Dr. Philip Goduco will use very gentle techniques and sedation, if needed, to make the root canal treatment at his Vernon Hills, IL, practice as comfortable as possible.

Why Perform Root Canal Treatment?

Dental infection is the most common reason for a root canal, or endodontic treatment. Infection develops when bacteria enter the soft pulp inside your tooth. This pulp contains your dental nerves, which travel down through your root canals. As bacteria multiply, the infection can spread and cause significant discomfort. Other symptoms of a dental infection can include gum abscesses, chronic bad breath, and internal discoloration. Because infection can progress free of noticeable signs, your doctor will also screen for infection during routine dental exams.

With Dr. Goduco's skill and advanced techniques, our root canal therapy is designed to involve minimal discomfort.

In other cases, Dr. Goduco may recommend root canal therapy for a cracked tooth. If the crack is fairly large but does not extend all the way to your root, endodontic treatment may be the best solution.

What to Expect During the Procedure

Before your root canal treatment, Dr. Goduco will numb your tooth and surrounding soft tissue. Some patients also choose to receive sedation to further ensure their comfort. Our team will work carefully so you should only feel a slight sensation of pressure during treatment.

When Dr. Goduco is ready to begin your procedure, he will create a tiny access point in the top or back of your tooth with a rotary, state-of-the-art instrument. Through this opening, he can eliminate bacteria and infected tissue using careful methods and advanced dental lasers. He will also smooth your root canals before filling them with a soft, rubber-like material. Combined with an adhesive, the material will prevent bacteria from re-entering your tooth. Typically, Dr. Goduco will then place a white filling and take an impression of the prepared tooth. You will return to the office in the next week or two and receive a dental crown, which will provide further protection. 

Aftercare and Recovery

With Dr. Goduco's skill and advanced techniques, our root canal therapy is designed to involve minimal discomfort. Right after your treatment, you may feel some slight sensitivity in your tooth and gums. You can typically control this minor irritation with non-prescription pain medications. Discomfort should subside on its own within a few days. Dr. Goduco may advise against certain hard-to-chew foods, and you should also avoid directly biting down on the tooth undergoing treatment. However, once your final crown is in place, you should enjoy complete dental function and virtually no discomfort.

Root Canal Retreatment

In most cases, the results of endodontic treatment will last the rest of your life. Dr. Goduco may advise additional treatment if you develop a new cavity, a fractured tooth, or a broken crown. Root canal retreatment is virtually identical to an initial root canal procedure. Dr. Goduco will remove old restorative materials, sterilize the inside of your tooth, and place a new crown. As with regular endodontic treatment, he will use careful techniques to minimize discomfort.

Learn More about the Root Canal Procedure

Dental infections require prompt treatment. For more information about root canal therapy or to book an appointment, contact our office online or call (847) 816-0463 today. 

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