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Safe, Gentle Tooth Extraction

Many dental patients need therapeutic tooth extraction at some point, whether to remove a damaged tooth, prevent malocclusion, or for other common reasons. Although it may sound somewhat intimidating, extraction is usually a quick, simple process and not at all painful. Dr. Philip Goduco in Vernon Hills, IL, provides gentle dental care for children and adults, and offers safe sedation options for many procedures.
If you have a painful tooth and need urgent help, our staff can often get you in on an emergency basis. To make an appointment, please contact our practice today.


Whenever possible, Dr. Goduco will work to save an ailing or misaligned tooth, providing a filling, root canal, dental crown, or orthodontia. However, if it is damaged or loosened beyond repair, the tooth will likely need extraction.
A tooth extraction is generally performed for the following reasons:

Advanced Decay/Infection 

A tooth with extensive, untreated decay will have lost much of its needed structure. Bacteria may cause infection deep inside the tooth, which can cause serious pain, fever, and other symptoms.

Traumatic Injury 

A tooth that has broken or severely cracked may need to be extracted as soon as possible.

Gum Disease

Untreated periodontal disease can destroy supportive gum tissue, until teeth begin to loosen within the socket. In advanced cases, these teeth will eventually fall out, or they can be extracted to eliminate discomfort.


Patients with a small jaw and overcrowded teeth may need to begin orthodontic treatment with tooth extraction. This often provides better results for teeth straightening.

Stubborn Baby Teeth

Sometimes, a child’s primary teeth need to be extracted to make room for emerging permanent teeth.


For genetic and other reasons, some patients naturally develop too many teeth, which may grow in behind or above the natural arch.

Wisdom Teeth

Most patients do not have adequate room in the jaw for wisdom teeth (also called third molars). These teeth are often removed when they begin to emerge in the late teens or early adult years.

Medical Conditions

Patients who have undergone cancer treatment or an organ transplant may develop infection and require teeth extractions.


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Tooth pain does not necessarily mean you will need a tooth extraction. However, you should have your painful tooth checked right away.


Most extractions are relatively simple procedures. Dr. Goduco will first provide an exam and x-rays to diagnose your case and determine exact positioning of the tooth in the jaw. For the extraction procedure, the majority of patients will be comfortable with use of topical anesthetic to numb the treatment area. We also offer the option of oral conscious sedation. A safe dosage of medication will induce a state of comfortable relaxation, and sometimes light slumber.
Dr. Goduco provides gentle dental care for children and adults, and offers safe sedation options for many procedures.
If the tooth needing extraction is visible and easily accessible, the procedure will generally be over quickly. Dr. Goduco will use a special instrument to loosen the tooth, then remove it with forceps. You may experience some minor discomfort later, but this is generally easily managed with over-the-counter medication.
An extraction is a bit more complex when a tooth is not fully erupted or has broken off at the gum line. For this surgical procedure, an incision will be made in the gum to facilitate removal of the tooth. Aftercare for this type of extraction may include prescription pain medication, along with specific instructions for home recuperation.
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