Gum Recession, Highland Park IL

Gum Recession/Rejuvenation: Highland Park, IL


" It’s an understatement to say “I was terrified of the dentist” when I first saw Dr. Goduco. And, that fear kept me out of the dentist’s Chair for way too long--- but not out of the challenges middle aged teeth attached to a grinding jaw that chomped excess sugars would of course face. My teeth were a mess and not getting any better. From the day I met Dr Goduco and his incredible team to today, my fears were first managed (with “Sedation Dentistry”) and then eliminated with the knowledge that my treatments would not hurt and that team Goduco would do everything humanly and medically possible to help me avoid or easily manage the modest discomfort the substantial dental work I needed would involve. I am still a little overweight and balding, but I have a nice set of teeth that don’t hurt and confidence that if I need dental work I have a practitioner that has a great manner and professionalism and who has done it all (crowns, caps, an implant, and bite alignment) with me while eliminating the anxiety and pain I had previously experienced. So, it’s with pleasure that I thank and happily recommend team Goduco. " If you suffer from receding gums and would like to learn more about this minimally invasive alternative treatment, schedule your Pin Hole Surgical Technique ( PST) consultation at our Vernon Hills dental office today! Thank you, David, for sharing your photos and great results as well as your compelling testimony.
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