Lake County, IL TMJ

TMJ: Lake County, IL


Kim came to our Vernon Hills from Mundelein for a routine dental checkup and cleaning. Kim's main concerned was her jaw joints were making some clicking/popping sounds and would sometimes lock. She can not chew that well and suffers from debilitating headaches where it hinders her from working efficiently. After a thorough clinical examination, it was noted that Kim had TMJ and Myofascial Pain Dysfunction ( Muscle aches). She had undergone splint therapy for one year, extraction of the upper left baby tooth, full upper and lower braces to align the upper with her lower teeth and crowns & bridges to stabilize her bite. Kim was happy with the results. She now has minimal pain and discomfort when eating and there is hardly any headaches. If you suffer from jaw and muscle aches visit our Vernon Hills office for a complimentary TMJ consultation. Thank you, Kim, for sharing your photos and stellar results.
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