Lake Villa, IL Snoring & Sleep Apnea

Snoring and Sleep Apnea: Lake Villa, IL


"I was diagnosed with sleep apnea and soon after had a pace maker implanted, as medication did not correct the situation. A CPAP was used nightly, however, the diuretics given me daily made me go to the bathroom every hour. The CPAP removal and putting back on each hour was very inconvenient and oftentimes difficult getting back to sleep. My doctor suggested, recommended going to Dr. Goduco for a mouth appliance. Since using it, my sleep situation has improved greatly. The appliance is also so much easier to travel with." A Tap 3 Oral Appliance was placed 2 years ago in Lynette's mouth instructed to wear strictly each time she sleeps. Our Vernon Hills office invites to call now for a complimentary snoring and sleep apnea consultation. Thank you, Lynette, for sharing your photos and great results.
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