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Orthodontics: Mundelein, IL


" I was in my late-thirties when I met Dr. Goduco. He quickly discovered that I’d been hiding something behind my smile all of my life. A serious case of crooked teeth kept me from achieving my full potential in business and socially as very few want to meet someone who carried a permanent frown. A couple of years went by and it became clear to me that this dentist cared about his patients and knew enough about me, in particular, to say to me, “Jeff, you’d better move them or lose them”. He was, of course, speaking about my crowded mouth. I think part of his motivation was the fact that one had to practically be a contortionist to work on me. And my gums were not looking so good, either. We agreed on braces and a treatment plan that included extractions with an expedited adjustment schedule.Today, some twenty-five years later, I am frequently complimented on my perfect pearly whites and no longer ashamed to smile for the camera or laugh out loud. " If you want a brighter and straighter teeth come to our office for a complimentary orthodontic consultation. Thank you, Jeff, for sharing your photos and a wonderful testimony.

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